Plating Chemical

Plating Chemical-Pretreatment

Category Product Description
Hot cleaner (spray) CP-928 Common
Hot cleaner (immersion) CP-21 Zinc alloy, copper
CT-10 Common
CP-20 Common, long service life
CT-21A,21B Steel (Strong alkaline)
Ultrasonic cleaner CP-26 Common
CP-21 Zinc alloy, copper
CP-36 De-waxing water, zinc alloy
Initial electrolytic cleaner EC-501 Addition of  NaOH
EC-502 Addition of  NaOH
EC-507 Addition of  NaOH
EC-508A,508B Steel
EC-504 Zinc alloy, cathode
Final electrolytic cleaner EC-505 Strong alkaline
Neutral cleaner CW-60 surfactant
VN-300 Cooling remover, solvent cleaner
Acidic cleaner CW-61 Addition of hydrochloric acid, iron
MM-500 Aluminum
Acid inhibitor LC-10 Less bubble
LC-11 High concentration
LC-12 General concentration
Acid promoter XT-231 Hydrochloric acid, heat treatment
Acidic electrolytic cleaner AP-736 Sulfuric acid
Active carbon AH-512 Powder,zinc alloy
AH-513 Liquid,zinc alloy