Plating Chemical

Plating Chemical-Nickel

Category Product Description
Semi bright nickel  SN-121, SN-122 Excellent throwing power reaches 130 mV
Bright nickel  NI 01-25 , NI 02-5 Blue color
NI 01-26 , NI 02-5 Produces a bright nickel layers with high ductility
NI 01-28, NI 02-6 Barrel application
Anti-pitting Ni-05 Sulfur free
Copper remover  NI-10 Liquid
Iron remover  NI-12 Powder
Electroless Nickel

(Mid Phosphorus)

Coventya Enova Lumen 785 Fast deposition speeds ranging from 0.6-0.9mil/hr
Electroless Nickel

(High Phosphorus)

Coventya Enova H15 Micro Hardness HV 990: HT 1hr at 400°C
Micro porous Criterion MP 250 The number of micro pores may vary from a min of  10,000/cm2 to max 100,000/cm2