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Viet Nhat was established in 1999, covering a total area of 60000 m2, with four factories, currently in Vietnam for the largest surface treatment of one-stop service company, can provide simultaneously plant land consultant, plant design and construction, electroplating project planning, plating equipment, jigs, special chemicals for surface finishing, waste water and waste gas treatment, field operation and management for plating and waste water treatment, industrial lubricants supplier.

Viet Nhat has a complete precision analysis laboratory and experienced technical team, so in addition to providing customers with the best after-sales service and technical support, but also can help customers to guide-into the operation of electroplating standard operating process, data management, to reduce the defective rate, save the cost, create the benefit.


1. Industrial lubricant, rust prevention oil, metal working fluid
2. Plating tank, equipment, jig
3. Plating chemical
4. Basic chemical
5. Wastewater and gas treatment