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VIET NHAT dates back to 1999. Headquarter based in HO CHI MINH City, along with other factories and affiliates located in Binh Duong, Hanoi, and holds ISO 9001, ISO14001 certificates.

VIET NHAT has independent factories of industrial lubricants, plating additives, equipment, and various investment of automatic processing lines such as POP, Chromium plating, Zinc Plating, Zinc/Nickel Plating, electroless nickel and Tin-Cobalt process.

WE offer total solution for plating related to surface treatment, including project planning, equipment, jig, special chemicals for surface finishing, wastewater and gas treatment to SOP management, with well-equipped laboratory and test line to ensure quality and customer service.

Industrial lubricants categorize as hydraulic oil, gear oil… and other customized metalworking fluids as cutting oil, anti-rust oil, EDM oil, metal forming oil…


1. Industrial lubricant, rust prevention oil, metal working fluid
2. Plating tank, equipment, jig
3. Plating chemical
4. Basic chemical
5. Wastewater and gas treatment